trade of Ikoula is to host servers in a data center, building linked to electrical networks and the Internet secure and redundant. An integrated Datacenter's specific infrastructure: air conditioning, humidity... to meet the optimal environmental conditions of servers in terms of temperature, humidity and security. A Datacenter operating results by nature of energy consumption very important.
consumption of a web site are highly variable.
A site can be hosted on multiple servers and a similar server can host multiple sites. This example depends on the number of videos, photos, the number of visitors, any streaming or download functions, etc. Ikoula applies its ideological choice by saving energy resources through innovative hosting offers and new facilities and procedures. Ikoula chooses to reduce the carbon footprint thanks to an infrastructure of virtual and dedicated servers low consumption. Dedicated servers are hosted in France in a Datacenter last generation to listen to the environment.

Ikoula is a company that has incorporated energy conservation in its internal protocol by promoting the thermal exchange between the exterior and interior of buildings. We thus limit consumption in air conditioning. Our approach fits also on the reprocessing of waste.

— Jules-Henri Gavetti CEO Ikoula. —

hosting & ecology

With the green range, we strongly reduce electricity consumption in our Datacenter
compare yourself: 0.53 kWh to 0.048 kWh

consumption of a
Classic dedicated server

kwh/d *
consumption of a
virtualized dedicated server

% *
clean energy

Respond and let us all!

* A virtual server consumes on average 0.01, or 0.01 A x 200 = 2 Wh x 24 = 48 Wh per day / 1000 = 0.048 kWh per day.
* Since November 01, 2015, Ikoula uses electricity to 100% renewable energy for its data centers.

our commitments

  • we prefer the server components at low power consumption, no extra cost for our customers.

  • we recycle e-waste from our servers and have integrated the 2002/95/EC RoHS directive concerning the reprocessing of electrical and electronic equipment in our procedures.

  • Ikoula uses electricity to 100% renewable energy for its data centers.

  • Ikoula renovates its Datacenter and rethink its infrastructure with sustainable development solutions. Among other things, we intend to integrate the natural heat exchange which reduces the need for air conditioning and therefore power consumption.

  • launch of innovative hosting solutions significantly reducing CO2 emissions!

program Eco-Site

stand out by choosing a green Web host... and let us know! 52 percent of the french consider the respect for the environment as a criterion of choice in their purchases (FIFG, June 2007 survey). By choosing Ikoula, you make the choice of a Web host, actor of the environment and sustainable development. Today, Ikoula incentive campaigns for its customers and offers them to communicate on their own ecological commitment.

Open new opportunities by differentiating your market!

the clients ' Eco-Site program allows customers to Ikoula, download the Eco-Site logo and attach it to their website. Thanks to this logo, your visitors will know that you have made the choice of an ecological hosting. The explanatory sentence "this site is hosted by Ikoula, hoster friendly to the environment and sustainable development actor" is associated with this logo and a link to a page explaining the ecological hosting assets chosen by your company.

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